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The Refractory Academy

Relevant and current news articles, newsletter archive, and published papers.

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Welcome to the Refractory Academy!  Here you can access news articles, our newsletter archive, and published papers.

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The Record Breaking Shougang, Benxi and Baosteel Hearth Campaigns

Selecting Lining Materials to Achieve long and Productive Blast Furnace Hearth Campaigns

Read the paper presented at the ICSTI International Congress on Science and Technology of Ironmaking.

New Hearth Lining Direction at Salzgitter Flachstahl Blast Furnace B

This paper was presented at the ECIC Conference.  The Salzgitter location reported on the installation of 25,800 HotPressed™ Bricks in their Blast Furnace B in 8 days!

New Refractory Lining Direction at Jindal Stainless

This paper was presented at the IFAPA Conference in India.